Art in the Village


Enjoy a memorable summer shopping at Wertheim Village!

Art Work

Be part of an extraordinary art project at Wertheim Village and observe the thrilling transformation of the LOVE, HAPPY and JOY letters in the Village. 


Art in the Village

Canvas Shopping Bag

Receive your own limited-edition canvas shopping bag!
Spend €150 or more and receive a free limited-edition canvas shopping bag by showing your receipts from the day at the Tourist Information at Wertheim Village.*

* While stocks last; maximum of one shopping bag per person per day.

Il-Jin Atem Choi

„It was interesting for me to be able to work with what was already present: huge three-dimensional letters that spelled the words LOVE, JOY and HAPPY. And with the fact that they are in a place which was created exclusively for shopping (Wertheim Village); an artificial village for an all-too-human activity…. Especially because of the punching for the letters O, A and P. The activities of the sculptures range from a difficult yoga pose to 'leisurely leaning' and are intended to carry a bit of casualness into shopping…Powerfully yours, Il-Jin Atem Choi