Holy Cheesecake

Holy Cheesecake is coming soon to Wertheim Village, with a pop-up boutique opposite Rituals. Don’t miss your chance to discover this delicious cheesecake on a stick!

Cheesecake has been one of the three most popular desserts in Germany for years, but now is the time to experience a contemporary take on this classic, from Holy Cheesecake. Served on a stick to enjoy on the move and coated in a selection of delicious chocolate, toppings and sauces, this treat is sure to sweeten your shopping day.

Discover the full Holy Cheesecake range, including the delicious ‘Nutty Boy’, coated in dark chocolate, sprinkled with crisp hazelnut pieces and finished with a drizzle of nut nougat cream. Or why not customise your own? Choose from a selection of white or dark chocolate and a range of toppings and sauces to create a truly unique cheesecake.

Let your creativity run wild and discover delicious flavour combinations. Holy cheesecake... love at first bite.


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