New at Wertheim Village! The brand tigha has now opened its boutique – right beside right next to WoolrichCome and discover exclusive highlights of this brand.


"It all started in 2009 with the search for the perfect leather jacket...


The problem was, we couldn't find it – so we decided to create it. Since then, our mission has evolved beyond simply creating leather jackets, and into something much more: to make high-fashion and progressive designs available to a wider audience. Year after year, we continue or re-interpret the classics – jackets, outerwear, shirts, jeans, skirts – by giving them a modern spin. But it's about more than just the clothes themselves. The full collections we now create are expressions of our prevailing value: freedom.


Ultimately, tigha is a lifestyle. Namely, a lifestyle not limited by geography – one that's truly international, while simultaneously grounded in the most dynamic, exciting urban centers of the world. And that lifestyle is reflected in our network of retailers and ambassadors – from all across Europe, to North America and beyond."