Casual Chic Looks for Men


Discover now the best Casual Chic Looks for Men at Wertheim Village!

Casual Chic for men


Camou Chic

Backpacks, sneakers, bomber jackets … Classic camouflage has been reissued in many different shapes and variations. What’s new: an all-over camouflage look. Add a simple white shirt to put the ‘chic’ in ‘casual-chic’.


Feeling Good Style

Feeling good makes people exude confidence, and the mix of an elegant suit by Boggi Milano and on-trend sneakers by Fred Perry is a promising feel-good guarantee.


Classy Karl

No one else masters the casual-chic look as well as our German fashion father Karl Lagerfeld. A perfect combination of casual-cut pieces and the elegant colour combination of black and white.