Coccinelle FW 2017/18: Aristo-street

Wertheim Village 


This is the password to access Coccinelle’s FW 2017/18 collection. At once utility and lavish, refined and street-style, the new bags capture the contemporary spirit of functional and dynamic lines, while the details express the tradition of Coccinelle’s leather manufacturing art. A contrast between models with a pure design and touches of shiny plexi, between the round shapes of saddlery and brush-strokes of fluo-pop with a modern-retro glamour. An electrifying journey, where volumes and materials are in constant movement; between sporty and bon ton, East and West. Fatal attraction: Japan, suspended between the tea ceremony and high speed bullet trains, ancient kimonos and Manga dolls, neon signs and Buddhist temples. 

coccinelle editorial 7 wertheim village outlet münchen.jpg


Mini crowns embroidered in gold alternated with plaid tartan and Orient Express wallpaper patterns. Small stars against laces, bows, trims and corollas. An extreme joy exalting the quality of the materials and finishing touches. From the new eel print to the shiny one-color metal effects and the natural grain calfskin with the “bubble” print,  preciousness is in every detail.


coccinelle editorial 5 wertheim village outlet münchen.jpg


The mysterious sensuality of the geisha blossoms on the shoulder strap in lizard skin printed leather. Ambrine, shoots of delicate flowers taken from silk obis and rice paper umbrellas. The iconic B14 bag with its harmonious volumes, explores yet unseen chords: python plus suede, different games of laminated materials and colored hardware. Femininity as a synonym of sophistication: from the rounded shapes of the ‘60s of the saddle bag in reptile printed leather to the study of every small detail. Such as the inverted “C” buckle, revisited with an absolute pure design.

Coccinelle editorial 11 wertheim village outlet münchen.jpg


Everything is playful, fresh and ultra-graphic like in the albums of the Japanese female superheroes. Not much a double soul as the many everyday facets of every woman. This is the delightful Arlettis; small and compact, showing a rainbow of creativity. Monochromatic but in gold, tartan but post-punk, in multicolor suede but psychedelic. The triumph of soft bags and backpacks that won’t let you go unnoticed : there is a desire for patchwork, colored stripes, saturated and electro-pop colors like blue or yellow. Even the ladylike bags become bold with glitter and laminated surfaces. The Ambrine bags showcase the plexi detail.

coccinelle editorial 33 wertheim village outlet münchen.jpg

Small leather goods, headbands and jewelry for the metropolitan princess complete the dress code: stars, crowns, polka-dots, little flowers are everywhere, like happy-rich accents for day and night. 

coccinelle editorial 4 wertheim village outlet münchen.jpg