Defining the future of UGG


Since 1978, UGG has been a brand that has defied convention. Born on the coast of South California during the height of counterculture, we have always stood for those who aren’t afraid to feel what they want to feel or look how they want to look.

Wertheim Village

This year marks our 40th anniversary. To celebrate, we envision a new future that’s deeply rooted in our past, by teaming our most popular pieces with icons in fashion, innovation and art. Bold and unapologetic, these unique individuals represent the next generation of UGG. Let’s go…

Adwoa in the classic boot.

With her bold personality, Adwoa Aboah rewrites the script of what it means to be a modern woman. As an activist and model, she challenges traditional standards of beauty, champions unconventionality and builds a safe stigma-free space for women to discuss mental health, sexuality and body image though her platform, Gurl Tak.


Heron in the Neumel boot.

A genre-bending artist, designer, and DJ, Heron Preston defines his own path in the fashion industry through his commitment toward innovation, experimentation and unpredictability. Unafraid to break the rules and challenge the norm, he represents a rising group of young creators questioning tradition and doing things their way.


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