Rooftops for summer. Ground-breaking, I hear you say – but would you rather be basking in the heat of a 30-degree day or shivering from the air con inside the standard cocktail bar? We think we know your answer and for that reason, we’re talking rooftops. Unless you’re suffering from vertigo, there’s literally no downsides to lounging outside with waiter service and the best views in the city. Slip on your shades, order a strawberry daiquiri or something just as predictable and revel in the beauty that is alfresco socialising. It’s time to get high…

La Terrasse at Radisson Blu, Nice, features stunning panoramic sea views over the picturesque Baie des Anges. Striped awnings protect you from the glare of the sun (but allow you to feel the heat), while the pool is perfect for cooling off between rounds. You might only go for the Instagram cred, but if you’ve made it to the roof, it’s worth ordering dinner and making a night of it. Aren’t you on holiday? The authentic Mediterranean menu has been specially crafted to be enjoyed outdoors and features fresh seafood and local produce. Getting a lounger in the height of summer could prove difficult, so stay alert. You know that time between sunbathing and dinner where everyone is sprucing themselves up? That’s your move.

Sitting pretty on the 10th floor, this flatiron-shaped space boasts both indoor and outdoor space along with panoramic views of London’s most recognisable landmarks. It’s a sanctuary from the fast-moving world below. The cocktail and drinks menu changes depending on what’s in season, so we suggest trying something special. The restaurant also offers a tapas menu and earthy dishes such as fried courgette flowers and bitter chocolate tapenade. Hotel guests receive complimentary access to this exclusive hide away, mere mortals need to argue their case. Go on, “kiss the sky.”

Watch the sun rise and set on the rooftop patio at Purobeach, Barcelona. This chill spot offers respite from the bustling city below and features a range of holistic therapies that will help you restore and regenerate. “A G&T with your massage, madam?” Yes please, don’t ask twice. The long narrow pool will cool you down in the heat of the day or offer a space for quiet meditation and reflection as you train. If it sounds dreamy, that’s because it is.

You’re caught between a rock and a hard place as a tourist in any city, but it becomes all the more frustrating when you’re in Paris and have been queueing for hours to make the hellish ascent to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Here’s an idea though – look, don’t touch. Why change out of your fluffy white bathrobe when you can absorb the same culture and sights from the nineteenth floor of the Melia Paris La Defence. Grab a lounger, find a quiet spot and gaze in wonder at the night sky – having a cocktail in hand is optional but highly recommended.