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Ready to shop your new season must-haves? We thought so. Before you do, kick-start your style inspiration with our quiz below...

1. It’s your turn to plan the Saturday catch up. You…

A. Tell everyone to head to that lovely little brunch spot you’ve been frequenting forever. You already know exactly what you’ll be having. 
B. Plan a sunrise yoga class and a quick bite at that new insta-worthy coffee shop. You’ll have to queue for a table, but it’ll definitely be worth it. 
C. Organise Bellinis at yours, followed by smashed avocado on toast. Perfection.

2. You never leave home without your:

A. Trusty leather jacket – it’s easy to dress up or down. 
B. Latest handbag acquisition. 
C. Cashmere knit, styled with heeled boots.

3. Your interior décor style could be described as:

A. Minimalist and classy. Simple classics and beautiful pieces only. 
B. Bold, brave and in-your-face. 
C. An antique hunter’s chic hideout.

4. The seasons are changing, what do you splurge on to update your look:

A. You don’t. You’ve already got all the pieces you need. 
B. A fabulous houndstooth coat or leather pleated skirt. 
C. That spectacular beaded 1920s dress you’ve spotted in your local vintage store. It’s just the thing for the festive season.

5. You’ve found yourself with an evening to spare. You…

A. Head to a beautiful restaurant for good food, good wine and good company. It’s simple and uncomplicated. 
B. Hit the latest immersive cinema – preferably with a dress code. 
C. Go for a casual wander along the river, followed by sunset drinks at the pub.

6. Your wardrobe is:

A. A capsule of thirty carefully curated pieces from sustainable brands. 
B. Wardrobe? Surely you mean wardrobes, plural. 
C. One happy, haphazard collection of all your favourite things and prized finds.

7. You’re not afraid of a bit of shopping and your approach is:

A. To spend hours combing through different brands and collections searching out that ‘perfect’ piece. 
B. Stop, drop and roll! So little time, so much to find. You’re more of a grab, go, and think about it later kind of girl. 
C. Browse, browse, browse. You’re just at home in a Parisian flea market as you are in a boutique on Bond Street.


Mostly As: The Classicist

You love nothing better than a crisp white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. For you it’s all about classic staples, timeless shapes, a neutral colour palette, perhaps with a splash of the season’s ‘it’ shade here and there. Sticking to clean lines and shapes that you know fit and sit well is your secret. Autumn/Winter 2018 is all about animal print, so you can congratulate yourself now for knowing those leopard print flats would always be chic. The best way to shake things up is to experiment with textures with your favourite shapes – perhaps a velvet blazer or pencil skirt – or accessories that are bold but semi-practical, such as this season’s must-have: the oversized clutch.


Mostly Bs: The Modern Muse

You’ve got your finger on the pulse of all the latest trends. For you it’s not about this season, it’s about the next. You love a statement pairing (hello, head-to-toe silk maxi dress and white leather boots). You try and centre your seasonal wardrobe around one focus point – usually a vibrant coat or killer pair of shoes, but let’s be honest, one statement piece is never enough. And life is too short to not embrace fashion’s greatest moments as they’re happening. This season, mix on-trend prints and layer one on top of the other for artfully effortless style.


Mostly Cs: The Laidback Luxe

You’re far too busy brunching, lunching, and generally living your best life to be too concerned with your fashion credentials. At least that’s the impression you like to give. You’re all about that pared-back vibe that can be pulled together in thirty seconds. Truth be told, this style takes a fair amount of cultivation and choosing just the right pieces is important for that #OOTD. Luckily, you’re blessed with the ability to combine vintage couture with something straight off the high street and aren’t afraid to mix things up.


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