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From micro bags to mindful movement and a salute to the long-loved rosé, these are five things you and the squad should have on your radar. Thank us later.


The Micro Bag

It’s time to rethink your obsession with maxi totes and adopt a minuscule mindset. From a chic update on an evening bag to playful and punchy pieces – think appliquéd eyes on a mini cross-body number – there’s more than one way to make a streamlined statement.


The Rosé Revival

Sadly national rosé day may have come and gone – it’s the second Saturday of June since you asked – but its spirit lives on thanks to a surge in everything pink. We’re talking rosé-infused ice cream, rosé liqueur and rosé-tinted makeup … we could go on. Rosé is making a rightful comeback, although for diehard lovers of the pink stuff, it never went anywhere. We hear ya!


The Platinum Pixie

You can thank Hollywood multi-hyphenates Kirsten Stewart and Cara Delevigne for setting the bar high for this one. The buzzcut 2.0 is a littler edgier than its predecessor, it oozes confidence and it’s arguably the best way to show off those chiselled cheekbones God gave you. And yes, anyone can pull it off, so long as you consider the shape of your face when deciding how short to go. 


The Solo Traveller

Introvert, extrovert, city breaker or intrepid globe trekker, the perks of solo travel extend to every type of explorer and are seemingly endless. You can sleep in all day, or sip on as many summer sloes as your heart desires while lounging by the pool until the sun sets, with zero guilt. The point is you set the agenda. You’ll be that much more self-reliant, you’ll think on your feet and at the end of your jaunt you’ll have enough experiences to pen your very own Wild. Solo travel enthusiasts, it’s time to update your bucket lists.


The Mindful Workout

Workouts have found their om. From candlelit yoga to immersive fitness classes, toning up by tuning inwards is on the rise. Sounds like a mouthful? Think of it as workouts designed to work both body and mind, to leave you feeling less anxious, less stressed, less reactive and glowing inside and out. Who wouldn’t want a dose of that?

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