Five Things We Love About Autumn

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Get ready for everyone’s favourite season…

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That crisp autumnal air, streets decorated with leaves, the sudden influx of pumpkins – it’s no wonder autumn is the favourite season of so many. We’ve done the legwork for you and found five things you should add to your bucket list pronto.


Cashmere everything

There’s no denying the soft, tactile appeal of cashmere, especially when the temperature starts dropping faster than Cersei Lannister’s grip on the iron throne.  Whether it’s in the form of a draped cardigan or poncho, fringed scarf or lounge-worthy joggers, you can say yes to cashmere in so many ways.  Better yet, start knitting to finally get your hands on those knee-length cashmere socks you’ve been not-so subtly hinting at for months. The point is, if it’s insulating warmth and all-round cosiness you’re after, cashmere is a keeper.


Copper hues

There’s a reason why shades of brown and burnt orange suit this season – leaf peeping anyone? Warm tones are mood boosting, leave a lasting impression and play well with neutrals. Layer a cardigan over a burnt orange jumpsuit for extra style points, or opt for wide-leg camel pants in soft cotton-corduroy to effortlessly channel the 70s. But your love for all things copper toned doesn’t have to stop there. Go full rustic Pinterest queen and stock up on saffron-toned throws and pillows, with orange blossom scent sticks burning not too far away. This could even be the year you master centrepieces with dried daisies, chrysanthemums and camellias in the mix. Martha Stewart would be proud.


Cape coats and trench coats

Feels like a forever since you last whipped out that collarless cape or camel trench coat? We hear you. Autumn is just the right time to flaunt generously sized outerwear, whether it’s a cape with an enveloping drape, or an oversized cotton gabardine trench with a packaway hood, for when – not if – the torrential rain comes calling. But if the classic cape is your preferred cover-up, team a military-inspired, three-quarter-length sleeve design with a lightweight T-shirt, because the cold never bothered you anyway.


The great outdoors

If channelling Parisian chic is high on your radar – when is it not? – Breton-inspired knitwear in the form of crew-neck jumpers is a must. The two pieces at the top of your list should be an embroidered striped sweater and a two-tone stripe midi skirt. Perfect to be paired together for brunch o’clock or a solo window shopping spree; because stripe-on-stripe ensembles should be celebrated not feared. And we wouldn’t dare leave out the saviour of colder climes, a chunky cable-knit turtleneck. Try a spliced-hem style with leather leggings or think beyond spring and go with a floral print sweatshirt.


Cake and plenty of it

Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons. Vegan vanilla cupcakes. Pumpkin and polenta loaves… we could go on. Whatever your taste, ‘tis the season to enthusiastically gorge on cake, because it’s cold and we know you’re running low on vitamin D. The best reason we can think of to indulge your inner Mary Berry? Sugar equals endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people live longer. Enough said. Just don’t forget the rum hot toddy to warm your soul.

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