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New year, new you. Right? We know the drill. Come January we’re all ‘up and at ‘em’, rising early, smashing through the fitness goals we inevitably set for ourselves every year. But as the month wears on, our resolve wears down and we’re looking for any excuse not to roll out of bed when the alarm goes off at 6 am.

That right there is the perfect moment to implement what we like to call ‘the inspiration kick’. And what better way to do that than to treat yourself to some new workout gear? We’ve rounded up a couple of must-haves for your workout wardrobe to help you get back on track.


A few years ago no one would have dared say that the humble trainer would become such a style statement. Well here we are. It’s 2018 and trainers are the stars of the show.

But there’s more to choosing your running shoes than picking the latest colour and style. Considering the surface you’ll be running on (city streets or country paths?), your weight and the shape of your foot will all save you from injury later on. It’s probably best to pop into a shop to get them fitted by a pro.



Let’s not lie to ourselves: exercising in the colder weather can be tough. Maybe you’re not out there pounding the streets, but you still need to look put together and stay warm as you dash from the car to the yoga studio. Enter the hoodie. Not only are these wonders of modern sportswear handy for holding your phone, car keys and cards, but choose a moisture-wicking option and you’re all set for a good ol’ sweat fest. Hooray!



We’re not into the balmy temperatures of summer yet, so keeping our pins warm (and hiding the lack of a Mediterranean tan) with a pair of brightly printed leggings is a must. Runners might want ones with a zipper pocket at the back to hold a phone and keys, while yogis might be after something without zips. Either way, make sure you stretch, bend, kick and jog on the spot in them before you make the final purchase. There’s nothing worse than having to yank your leggings up five times mid-run because they keep sliding down.



Last but not least, the tank top. Whether you’re stretching it out on the Pilates reformer, perfecting your plié at the barre or walking from changing room to pool, the tank top is versatile, comfortable and stylish. Choose fabrics that dry quickly and a fit that allows your body to move well and your skin to breathe. And while you’re at it, why not pick up a couple in bold prints and colours? Black workout gear is so last (last, last) season.


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