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Kristin Hesse
• Ski jacket, ski helmet and glasses by Bogner
• Sweater by Sandro
• Ski pants by Peak Performance (Ingolstadt Village)

Kristin-Hesse-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG Kristin-Hesse2-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG


• Ski helmet, gloves and glasses by Bogner
• Ski jacket by Peak Performance (Ingolstadt Village)

Denn-Mitch-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG Denn-Mitch2-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG

Tini Tani
• Ski jacket, ski pants and hoodie by Peak Performance (Ingolstadt Village)
• Ski helmet and glasses by Bogner
• Gloves and backpack by Columbia Sportswear Company (Ingolstadt Village)

Tini-Tani2-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG Tini-Tani-Ingolstadt-Village-460x680.JPG