New arrivals – Womenswear


New season, new style! Get ready for spring with must-haves for the new season at Wertheim Village. 

Discover new season favourites now in the Village


This versatile material never really goes out of fashion – it’s the ultimate wardrobe staple for fabulous fashionable looks. This season choose denim pieces with a feminine twist, such as a high-waisted skirt or playful dress that will serve you for seasons to come.

New-Arrivals-Für-Sie-Look-1-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.png New-Arrivals-EN-For-Her-Look-1-Collage-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.jpg
Jeans dress in blue by Levi´s at Wertheim Village
€89.95 €62*
Jeans-dress in blue
Sneaker in silver by Marc Cain at Wertheim Village
€249 €146.90*
Sneaker in silver


With spring comes the arrival of the first flowers of the year – and not only in your garden! Look to bold floral patterns on fine fabrics to give your spring look a touch of feminine elegance. Add an unexpected piece for a unique look, such as a bright floral kimono.

New-Arrivals-Für-Sie-Look-2-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.png New-Arrivals-EN-For-Her-Look-2-Collage-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.jpg


Trouser suits have conquered the catwalks of the fashion capitals this season, bringing a touch of colourful elegance to our wardrobes. When it comes to colour, anything goes – from pastel shades such as pistachio, lavender and vanilla to punchy pink or cobalt blue. It’s the perfect way to boost your workwear wardrobe this spring.

New-Arrivals-Für-Sie-Look-4-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.png New-Arrivals-EN-For-Her-Look-4-Collage-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.jpg
Longsleeve in red at Wertheim Village
€145 €87*
Longsleeve in red
Blazer in pink by Sandro at Wertheim Village
€325 €195*
Blazer in pink


The 80s are back thanks to the revival of the belt bag, and it’s a great way to easily update your look for the new season. For a glamorous twist, choose a metallic version and pair it with a sleek trouser suit. Or, if you prefer the athleisure look, simply sling your belt bag casually over your shoulder so you can go hands-free!

New-Arrivals-Für-Sie-Look-3-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.png New-Arrivals-EN-For-Her-Look-3-Collage-2019-Wertheim-Village-Outlet-Frankfurt.jpg
Blazer in red by Sandro at Wertheim Village
€285 €171*
Blazer in red
Bag in Gold by closed at Wertheim Village
€284 €79.90*
Bag in Gold
Slipper in gold by Marc Cain at Wertheim Village
€299 €176.90*
Slipper in Gold