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Let your style tribe be your style guide…

Wertheim Village


This is you if: A weekend well spent is one when you’re planning your next city break. You’re more than happy to squeeze in some culture so long as it’s within the same time zone. Airbnb is your home away from home. 

Where to fly: Bilbao in Northern Spain. It’s short haul, it’s scenic and it’s home to some of the best pintxos – the Basque region’s tapas – and it’s very own Guggenheim.

What to pack: A leather-trimmed holdall with just the essentials.



This is you if: As long as there’s a beach within walking distance, you’re there. A holiday’s not worth having without the ocean in sight and a Rum Runner in your hand. Now if only they’d pay you to be a professional island hopper…

Where to fly: Polignano a Mare on Italy’s Adriatic coast is the city of your soon-to-be dreams.

What to pack: Stretch swim shorts

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This is you if: You fly frequently, and you want the world to know it. Your steely grey aluminium suitcase with telescopic handle even has your initials etched on it. Your out-of-office outfit is an open-collar striped polo shirt and crisp cotton-poplin chinos: the perfect mix of casual-cool as far as you’re concerned. 

Where to fly: Lake Como. It will be your third trip this year, but this time it will be strictly personal. Or so you say.

What to pack: Suede espadrilles and an unstructured blazer. Because being out of the office doesn’t mean abandoning your style.



This is you if: You refuse to eat anywhere mentioned in the guidebook because you’ve done your research and know every local gem worth its weight in baba ghanouj. You’re fluent in more than one language and are happy to prove it.

Where to fly: Macedonia, before the annoying tourists inevitably flock there.

What to pack: Roaming data, because a map would be admitting defeat.

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