The Wander List: Creative Retreats


Art-lovers take note, these holidays come with a twist.

Wertheim Village

Fuel body, mind and soul with our round-up of four retreats to inspire and invigorate you and yours. Whether you’re a fitness guru, food lover or aspiring artist à la Basquiat,a world of wanderlust awaits.


You swooned and salivated every time Jamie Oliver cooked with the locals of Sardinia or the natives of Jeju Island, and now it's your turn. Eat, stray into the Sicilian countryside and eat some more at farm-to-table cooking school Anna Tasca Lanza. You'll get to immerse yourself in the local cuisine and culture and even explore local vineyards. Sounds like La Dolce Vita? No arguments here.



If sketching, sculpting and self-developing are your idea of winding down, by all means do all three. Art therapy, daily strolls and visits to local artists are all on the agenda at Artful Retreats, for the very sake of unplugging and becoming more present. Run by certified art therapists and praised by the likes of National Geographic, the five-day retreat is a chance to get your creative juices flowing, whether you're flying solo or holidaying with a wannabe Banksy. The only thing left to do is choose between Crete or Singapore. They say tough choices build character.



You've done the wellness weekend once, twice even, and you're ready to graduate to wellness 2.0. With yoga, Thai massages, detoxes, organic food and more on offer, Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand, focuses on transformation of body and mind - the word vikasa means shining and becoming visible in Sanskrit - meaning you'll be balanced, blissed out and toned - oh-so toned - when you return from paradise.


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