Who's your festival style tribe?

Cropped tops, crochet knits and fringing galore, hold on to your flower crowns because festival season is in full force. We've taken notes and put together a guide for finding your style tribe, whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between.

The First Timer
Easily spotted by your brand new wellies, a zippable bum bag – borrowed from one beaming dad – and the look of sheer terror on your face every time you lose sight of your plus one. You’re the designated person for snacks, sanitizers and even pocket-sized survival books. By day two that glossy first festival glow will have rubbed off thanks in part to a pop-up tent that just refuses to stay up.
Sporting: Whatever the weather dictates. Rain, hail, sleet, seriously you’ve come prepared for any eventuality.
Spiritual Home: Home sweet home, where the Wi-Fi is dependable and sheets are squeaky clean, on laundry day.
Style Icon: Cara Delevingne? You’re still undecided.

The New Bohemian
Though you hail from the English countryside, your heart belongs to sunny California. Coachella may be thousands of miles away and you’ve had to settle for a smaller scale festival, but you’re determined to be there in spirit, dammit. You’re refreshing every blog and ‘zine covering the festival, while getting a temporary tat.
Sporting: It's all about fringing, faded denim, and flared trousers. You’ve also stocked up on playsuits in psychedelic prints, crochet dresses and on-trend tassels. Cuban heels and moccasin boots are your go-to day or night.
Spiritual Home: Coachella obviously.
Style Icon: Alessandra Ambrosio.

The Music Maven
You’re with the band, at least that’s the story you’ll be sticking to when trying to blag a backstage pass. You like it loud and you’re probably one half of an indie duo. You’re here for the supporting acts and the late-night jam sessions.
Sporting: Burnout or authentic band tees, second-skin leather leggings – switching to distressed denim shorts when the temperature soars – an oversized utility jacket and platform lace-ups.
Spiritual Home: Download Festival and Glastonbury.
Style Icon: Zoe Kravitz in full Lola Wolf mode.

The Glam Girl
You’re the one with the fresh manicure, and the hair and make-up on point, sipping from a paper cup of freshly poured Moët. You don’t do camping: the smell, the bathroom queues, the mud… but the nearby hotels were fully booked, so you’re grinning and bearing it, after all you’re here to network and collaborate with like-minded souls.
Sporting: Crop tops, scalloped shorts, a suede fedora hat and heeled ankle boots – your designer wellies are only in case of mud pools. As for your hair, it’s in an intricately braided updo, because not a drop of mud will touch those tresses.
Spiritual Home: Your dot com. You’re fully committed to working your way up from part-time to full-time influencer.
Style Icon: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley off duty.

The Seasoned Pro
You’re a regular on the festival circuit and proud to be on first-name basis with a few event organisers – but you’ve given up on the mainstream ones; too many celeb bodyguards blocking your line of sight.
Sporting: A leather biker jacket, neon T-shirts and cut-off shorts are your daytime uniform. And by night, you’ll dress to impress with a plunge-neck slip dress, a floral headband and high-top trainers. You’ll be dancing all night, so comfort comes first.
Spiritual Home: In the dance tent of every festival, waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care.
Style Icon: Only the reigning queen of festival cool, Alexa Chung.